Mt SAC Relays

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The first track meet of the season was a success!! I raced fast, had fun and soaked up some CA sun! The videos of the 800m and the 1500m are posted under "News". I had some technical difficulties and so I could not actually embed them as "Videos" but they are there!

I ran a personal best in the 800m, 1:55.57. I was quite close to hitting my A standard in the 800m, but successfully hit my B standard. For those of you who don't know, to make a national team there are set standards, an A-level standard and a B-level standard. Basically, you want to hit an A standard because that gives you a higher level of support from USP and positions you better athletically in terms of world class competition. I have to hit standards in the events that I want to potentially run at World Championships, but it's also important to hit standards as part of the qualification to GO to World Championships. If this sounds confusing, it is. And I'm trying to write it in layman's terms too. My 1500m was solid for me, I was very happy with the result too -- 3:55.07! For complete results, click here.

My fellow Illini teammates performed well too. We also had several aspiring Paralympians who were invited to compete. We were an eclectic group, and a very fun one! We had a little bit of everything--folks still in high school, college, vets and former Paralympians. These types of exhibition events are always so fun to see the level of excitement on everybody's faces, to get out on the track for an early season meet, and to educate the greater athletic population about the Paralympic movement. Just watch the videos and listen to the commentators, they were literally blown away, as were many of the other athletes and spectators at the event.

And now, it is approaching midnight, and I have to pull my clothes from the dryer and immediately put them back in the bag to hit the road again tomorrow! We are off to Drake University for the Drake Relays on Friday night (1500m) and then driving to St. Louis for the Gateway Games on Sunday morning. Drive drive drive! And if I'm lucky some dissertation writing in the car as well...or at least some of these final papers. It's this time when the season gets underway that it is hard to convince myself that I am still a student who has to do some work, I get so excited with all this racing and traveling! But, I DO want to graduate, May 2011...


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